Come and visit in Colima, the first and most modern ophthalmological center
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Highly qualified doctors, in the best worldwide class facilities
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Why should you choose OCULUS: VISION INSTITUTE?

OCULUS: VISION INSTITUTE is a unique ophthalmological center of its kind in Colima, designed exclusively for the ophthalmological treatment needs.

It was directly thought about the needs of our patients and their visual problems. It was of great importance that there was an ophthalmological clinic in Colima with the highest quality ophthalmological surgery and the best patient service.

OCULUS offers you a mixture of warmth and quality with the most modern architecture, the most sophisticated therapeutic and diagnostic equipment in the whole region. We are commited to excellence in the area of vision care with a highly qualified team and the most modern equipment.


Our vision is one of our most precious senses, however, today visual disabilities are a common health problem in our country and abroad. Medical tourism in Mexico is an alternative for many residents of neighboring countries such as the USA and Canada for whom the high costs and long waiting times in their countries makes it impossible for them to care for and treat their eyes.


OCULUS Is leading the way in medical tourism in Colima serving for several years patients from the United States, Canada and Europe supporting them in the medical and surgical treatment of their eye diseases. With the access to an international airport and a national one, the access to the city is no problem. We are surrounded by beaches and forests that make your stay in Colima a pleasant experience.



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