Intraocular Lens Dislocation

What is the dislocation of the intraocular lens?

The dislocation of the intraocular lens (IOL) is a very rare condition that affects people previously treated for cataracts and consists in the displacement of the implanted lens towards the vitreous cavity of the eye. At other times, the lens deviates from the visual axis but does not fall into the vitreous cavity (subluxation).

The displacement of the intraocular lens causes changes in vision and, if it falls into the vitreous cavity, it can produce tractions caused by the eye's own movements, which result in retinal detachment and / or vitreous hemorrhages.

Why is it produced?

It is estimated that between 0.05% and 3% of patients who undergo cataract surgery will spontaneously develop a dislocation of the IOL. Also, some studies show that its incidence is higher 5 years after surgery.

Generally, patients who suffer from it have the following injuries or previous interventions:

Crystalline Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome (PSX), which consists of breaking the fibers of the ligaments that support this natural lens of the eye (zonule).
High myopia
Surgeries performed previously, such as glaucoma or vitrectomy
Eye injuries